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Casino Mage WotOG. Last updated Apr 23, (Explorers); Edit; |. Delete. Standard. 22 Minions; 8 Spells. Deck Type: Ranked Deck; Deck Archetype. Hey there,. This is my first deck ever created on this page so please be kind:) I was looking for a casino mage and made up my mind about it. Casino Mage [STANDARD]. Last updated Apr 13, (Explorers); Edit; |. Delete. Standard. 18 Minions; 12 Spells. Deck Type: Theorycraft; Deck Archetype. I think two would be too situation dependent, as it is not the real definition of tempo. Either way, good call, this guy's certainly worth more thought than I'd given him as an actually aggressively statted spell damage minion. Minions 1 - Mana Wyrm 2 - Sorcerer's Apprentice, Fallen Hero 3 - Flamewaker, Twilight Flamcaller, Spellslinger 4 - Water Elemental 5 - Ethereal Conjurer 6 - Faceless Summoner 7 - Archamge Antonidas 8 - Rhonin Removal X - Forbidden Flame 1 - Arcane Missiles, Arcane Blast 2 - Frostbolt 3 - Forgotten Torch 4 - Fireball, Polymorph From there is seems like a matter of additional crowd control and card-draw. But it is involves some random and not always winnable. I will start off without big removal because tempo mage in my experience rarely got to late game, point easily proven by how often you could actually cast Pyroblast off of Ethereal Conjurer. He's primarily cycle though, and that's his main value - versatility. Comments To post a comment, please login or register a new account. Way too slow in my opinion, you can't proc it yourself and can't use frost nova with it either. I also might change Azure Drake into Conjurer just so I can say I have a 30 class card deck: I'd very much appreciate feedback on this: And yes, this deck is loads of fun, but it is hard to get used to. Best Ladder Decks by Class. Mech mage is also now dead, but everyone knew. Alternatively, given that the game is now more midrange and board-control centric, two flamestrikes or flamestrike with Anomalus might also be considered. I agree that freeze tipico casino freispiele will be really good even without any new cards, I think you can just take the torch mage, swap out scientists and maybe 1 barrier for loot hoarders and maybe a neutral heal like earthen ring or the 5 mana heal 2 for each minion. We've gained more spells but less heals and taunts. Without the sticky minions it'll be easier to clear out the board with a few decent spells. This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

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Will put more thought into it if this deck gets some upvotes. There are several decks that could keep freeze mage in check, if they become strong in the new meta. Curse Help Register Sign In. I built a deck around Cult Sorcerer, the concept might seem a bit weird at first glance, but the card does combine three concepts in it:. I'm going for a Cthun tempo-battlecry mage and this is what I've come up with so far: You have additionally thalnos and tome and scarabs , I can understand although I probably would not agree that tome is your lategame, but then one intellect is probably enough. I don't think emperor is any more defensive than he is offensive. From there is seems like a matter of additional crowd control and card-draw. MaSsan playing Hearthstone, an awesome Blizzard Card Game! It brings in Random Creature A 2 so far. Mad Scientist is notable, however Tempo Mage has had a lot of success without secrets, I think they're definitely too slow to play in a more aggressive list however we might see Counterspell see some play in slower lists. Please consider whitelisting us or using our Amazon Coins link when purchasing packs! Export to -- BBCode Cockatrice MarkDown Html. Last edited by myjolnir on May 9, In tournaments though this will likely be different. Responsive Menu Wednesday, July 12 , Subscribe to Comments Follow User.

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